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Top Stories: Oklahoma Recovery; Weiner For NYC Mayor?

Good morning, here are our early stories:

-- In Oklahoma, Rescue Efforts Give Way To Recovery.

-- Anthony Weiner Jumps Into Race To Be NYC Mayor.

And here are more early headlines:

Garcetti Wins L.A. Mayor's Race. (Los Angeles Times)

Third Night Of Rioting Spreads In Stockholm Suburbs. (The Wall Street Journal)

Kerry In Jordan To Promote International Conference On Syria. (Bloomberg)

Iran Blocks Rafsanjani, Founder Of The Islamic State, From Presidential Bid. (The Guardian)

North Korea Sends Special Envoy To China. (Voice of America)

Japanese Climber Aims To Become Oldest Person To Ascend Mt. Everest. (The Washington Post)

Fla. Houses Next To Deadly Sinkhole To Be Razed. (Tampa Bay Times)

You're Pronouncing 'GIF' Wrongly, Says Its Inventor. (The New York Times)

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