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Top Stories: J.P. Morgan Loses Billions In Trading; New Detail In Exposed Bomb Plot

Good morning - here are a few of the stories we're watching.

J.P. Morgan 'Rogue Trader' Losses Sends Chills Through Markets.

FBI Says Most Wanted Fugitive Kills Self, Two Abducted Girls Found Safe. (CNN)

New Detail In Exposed Bomb Plot: Operative Is British. (Washington Post)

Victim's Brother Throws Shoe At Mass Shooting Suspect In Norway Trial. (AP)

Greek Political Leaders Still Can't Form Coalition Government; New Elections Could Be Called. (AFP)

Prosecutors Rest In John Edwards Trial; He Plans To Request Dismissal Of Case. (MSNBC)

AP War Photographer Horst Faas Dies; His Stunning Images Illustrated Vietnam War. (AP)

Newly Discovered Mayan Calendar Says Doomsday Won't Happen In 2012. (Telegraph)

Police Tell London Occupy Protesters To Leave Camp Near U.S. Olympic Training Site. (MSNBC)

World Record Set As Surfer Rides 78-Foot Wave. (SurferToday.com)

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Korva Coleman is a newscaster for NPR.

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