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Owen Labrie Returns To Merrimack County Jail To Serve Out Sentence

Merrimack County Department Of Corrections

Owen Labrie is now in custody at Merrimack County Jail.  The St. Paul's School graduate will serve 10 months for sexually assaulting a 15-year old fellow student in 2014.

Owen Labrie was found guilty of sexual assault and a related computer crime more than 3 years ago. But apart from serving two months behind bars for violating bail, he'd remained free while appealing his conviction.

This month, a judge rejected Labrie's request to reduce his sentence and ordered him back to jail.

Labrie's conviction had already been upheld by the state Supreme Court.

Labrie's victim, Chessy Prout, sued St. Paul's in federal court for not protecting her. That case ended last year in a private settlement.

In September, St.Paul's also settled with the New Hampshire Attorney General's office, which was considering filing criminal charges against the school for how it handled sexual misconduct involving faculty and students.

St. Paul's agreed to up to 5 years of oversight by a state-hired monitor. He starts work next month. 

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