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Construction Begins For Litchfield Residents With Contaminated Wells

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) will soon begin to connect 360 Litchfield homes to the Pennichuck public water system. The new water pipes are meant to help homeowners with contaminated wells.

The multinational corporation Saint-Gobain is paying for all of the planning and construction.

Saint-Gobain is the likely source of the water contaminant, PFOA, identified in several southern New Hampshire drinking water sources this year.

All of the homes now being connected to public water were previously served by private wells which tested above the state’s regulatory standard for the chemical.

There are 173 homes expected to be connected before January. The remainder will receive tap-filters until construction can resume in spring.

Workers have already begun connecting about 40 homes with contaminated wells in Merrimack and Manchester to Merrimack Village District and Manchester Water Works, respectively.

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