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Tomorrow's Snow To Be Minor, But Record Accumulation Means More Big Storms

Snow Plow
Flickr Creative Commons

  We have another snowstorm in store for the state tomorrow afternoon but, Steve LaVoie with Hometown Forecast Service reports New Hampshire will be largely spared the worst of it.

“Looks like the amounts are generally gonna be a quick inch or two. The North Country may not see anything at all, actually. The best chance of any higher snowfall amounts will be along the seacoast again.”

He says there might be another round of snow showers Wednesday.

After last weekend’s storm, some parts of southern New Hampshire have accumulated record amounts of snow. LaVoie says that accumulation could mean any relief from this pattern of frequent snow storms is not likely to arrive soon.

“The problem is we have so much snow cover, especially in the southern part of the state, that, in order for this pattern to break down, we might actually not see a change until the change of seasons.”

He says areas with high levels of snowpack create conditions conducive to storm creation. And New Hampshire may be in store for another major snow storm Sunday.

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