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Adaptive Athletes To Take On Mount Washington

Paul Hayes via Flickr, copyright

The fifth-annual Sunrise Ascent on Mount Washington is scheduled to take place on Sunday.

The fundraiser for Adaptive Sports Partners of the North Country challenges teams to push a person with a disability up the mountain’s eight-mile auto road.

Sandy Olney is the director of ASPNC, and says the event started as a way for her friend to experience the climb after an ALS diagnosis.

“He kept saying to me, ‘Sandy I really want to climb Mount Washington again’, and I sort of kept ignoring him. And, eventually he said it enough times that we contacted the auto road, thinking the auto road would be the only way that we’d be able to get him up there, and they were fantastic.”

Seven teams are set to attempt the climb.

Olney says two Paralympic athletes also plan to take part and push themselves up the auto road unassisted.

The auto road will be closed until 10 Sunday morning for the event.