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N.H. Police Departments Experiment With eTicket System

Police departments in three southern New Hampshire towns are piloting a program officials hope will cut back on the time it takes to issue a speeding ticket.

   Police in Pelham, Windham and Salem are testing what are called eTickets.

Officers will no longer hand-write tickets. Instead, they’ll enter the information into the computer.

Lt. Gary Fisher of the Pelham Police Department says the ability to instantly send ticket information to department headquarters and the court system will save time.

“There would be probably less time on the road because the officer is basically back filling some of the information from the data system when they run the plate, they can backfill it from there and don’t have to manually enter it. It cuts back on some of the time that’s involved.”

State police already use eTickets.

If the pilot program is successful, the state could make the system available to all police departments later this year.