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Nashua Airport Tower Will Close

Ryan Lessard

The Nashua Airport tower will close April 7th. It’s on a list the Federal Aviation Administration released Friday.

The contract tower at Boire Field in Nashua is one of 149 federal contract towers the FAA will close because of mandatory budget cuts.

The airport will now become a non-controlled airfield. That’s despite a recent investment of $24 million by the FAA to upgrade the runway.

The FAA did spare 40 towers that were on a preliminary list last month. Those 40 towers were kept running either to prevent what it calls a negative impact on national interests or they’re under a cost share program that precludes them.

Both New Hampshire senators tried to save the Nashua tower by signing onto a budget amendment that would’ve redirected funds to keep the contract towers running. The senate did not get a chance to vote on it in time.