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Canadians Invited To Share What Makes America Great


Don't you love it when your neighbor just smiles or says something and it just makes you feel better? Well, if this presidential election has you feeling a little glum about the state of this country, our neighbor to the north had something to say.



UNIDENTIFIED MAN #1: What's up, America?

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #2: Hey, guys. We're just up here in Canada talking about how great you guys are down there. We thought we'd just send you a little bit of a love note.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #2: We're big fans. We like you guys.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #3: We know you've got some really big decisions to make.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #4: But as you're thinking about your future, we just want you to know that...

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #3: You guys are great.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #4: You really are great.


Aw. The Garden produced that video with clips sent in by people from all over Canada as part of its #TellAmericaItsGreat campaign. Released last week, it has gone viral.


UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #5: All your diversity and all your openness.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #4: The fact that you're such a giving nation. Over $250 billion a year is donated to charities.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #6: So wonderful and warm and accommodating.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #7: When things are tough, you fight to make them better.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #8: The disability rights movement in America is amazing.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #5: You are infectious.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN #9: You know, America, I think you're already great.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #6: You're great, America.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #7: We all love you, and think you've always been great.

UNIDENTIFIED MAN #8: Stay great, America.

GREENE: Well, many Americans tweeted back their thank yous to Canada, including one person who wrote, (reading) #TellCanadaThankYou because nothing like a polite upstairs neighbor to comfort you when mom and dad are arguing. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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