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Pop Culture Happy Hour: Live Shows And The Return Of Regrettable Television

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Listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour: Live Shows And Regrettable TV

Taped in the run-up to Thursday night's Sound Of Music performance, this week's round-table podcast is not a review of it, but a consideration of the live event in general. Are we all just performance ghouls, waiting around for people to fail? What is it fair to ask from a live performance? And what happens if a horse has an unfortunate moment in a theater?

Our second segment brings back one of our favorite things (har har), the Regrettable Television Pop Quiz. Thrill to extravagantly bleeped cursing! Wonder about the appropriate and safe temperature for raw chicken!

Of course, as always, we close the show with what's making us happy this week. Stephen is happy about all sorts of music he listened to on a whim, especially this. (CONTINUE!) Trey is happy about this video (and who wouldn't be?), and about this article and a related documentary. Glen is happy about the super-great NPR Book Concierge, which you absolutely must check out. (I apologize for forgetting the awesome Camila Domonoske when calling out the books team. Boo, me!) I am happy about a wonderful Australian TV show and a fantabulous PR e-mail you must hear to believe.

We should add that we did have a show last week about Catching Fire and about the challenges of pop culture gift-giving. Have you heard it? If you haven't, it should be in your podcast feed, or you can hear it right here!

Listen to Pop Culture Happy Hour: Catching Fire And Gifts

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