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Is There Still A Place For Affirmative Action In 2012?


Next week, the U.S. Supreme Court reconsiders affirmative action. On Wednesday, it will hear oral arguments in the case of Fisher versus University of Texas. The plaintiff, Abigail Fisher, is a white woman who says she was denied admission because of her race. Her case is the first to reach the high court since 2003, when it re-affirmed that public colleges and universities could consider race as one of many factors in admissions decisions.

Ahead of the arguments, we want to hear your thoughts. Is there still a place for affirmative action in 2012 and why? We'd love to hear about the experiences that shape your answer. Again, the question: Is there a place for affirmative action today and why. To answer, go to NPR.org and click on Contact Us at the bottom of the page. Also, please be sure to put Affirmative Action in the subject line.


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