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Camp Inter-Actions

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Todd Bookman, NHPR

At Camp Inter-Actions, blind and visually-impaired children have the opportunity to do all the usual summer-camp things -- like boating and swimming and crafts. And the unusual -- like creating a full-scale choral production.

Camper: I’m absolutely music obsessed, so my favorite camp activity is music. I could do that all day long. I thihnk we do a fantastic job, Duy is a great director.

Duy Bui started there as a junior counselor, went to the Manhattan School of Music, and has gone on to create a choral program at the camp.

Duy: I’m also visually impaired. I started as a counselor as a senior in high school and I’ve been here ever since. This camp inspired me to go into study music education, specifically choral conducting. Every year, I put the program together, I think about what would enable the kids to have fun as well as learning something from it.

Camper: I like music, because it’s a time when we can all be creative, and join together in our songs and music as one.


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