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Los Angeles celebrates its Super Bowl victory


To Los Angeles now, where football fans are still celebrating the Rams' Super Bowl win. The party didn't just take place inside the stadium. It carried on for miles around. From member station KPCC, Robert Garrova reports.


ROBERT GARROVA, BYLINE: From front yards in Inglewood, you can see the dome of SoFi Stadium peeking around palm trees. Residents partied with family, friends, out-of-towners and at least one parrot.




GARROVA: Alfredo Perdomo Jr. set up a TV on his lawn and enjoyed the game with his feathered friend.

PERDOMO: She's a scarlet macaw. She loves the Rams. As you can see, Rams just scored and she went crazy. She's super loud. So I'm hoping the people in the stadium can hear from all the way on Flower Street.

GARROVA: Perdomo says the stadium is a blessing and a curse for his neighborhood.

PERDOMO: The hard stuff is traffic, but I'm going to say welcome to LA, capital of traffic (laughter).


GARROVA: As the night went on, the watch parties across the street from the stadium got bigger and a little drunker. With the Rams' win, the energy erupted into the streets. The excitement of the game was enough to win over formerly lukewarm Rams fan Shyra Coleman.

SHYRA COLEMAN: I love it (laughter). I was like, wait a minute. I don't think we're going to win. Like, the Bengals are - they like - it was 16 to 20 for a long time, you know?

GARROVA: At a nearby restaurant, Abraham Ortega watched the game with his two brothers, but after the game, he was among the thousands who poured into the streets.

ABRAHAM ORTEGA: I don't even have my voice anymore (laughter).

GARROVA: Wearing his blue-and-gold Rams jersey, the night was just starting for Ortega.

ORTEGA: Right now, we're going to celebrate. You see all these lovely people we're surrounded by? We're just going to keep celebrating, loving the fact that we won. And ride that until hopefully next year. We just going to have another back to back.

GARROVA: This was the first time in 29 years that the Super Bowl has come to town, and the home team winning made it all the sweeter. The celebration will continue this week, with Rams players slated to parade through the streets of LA on Wednesday. For NPR News, I'm Robert Garrova in Los Angeles.

(SOUNDBITE OF THE MARIAS' "RUTHLESS") Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Robert is a General Assignment reporter, with a focus on New Hampshire's changing demographics. He comes to NHPR’s newsroom from Los Angeles, where he worked as a reporter for member-station KPCC and a producer/director on APM’s Marketplace with Kai Ryssdal.

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