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Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus Makes Its Public Debut

It’s been almost a year since we profiled the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus, one of the only all-transgender choruses in the country. And what a year that has been for the choir which is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The chorus has been profiled around the globe — from the U.K. to China and India. This weekend the group is having its first public concert.

We revisit our story, when we sat in on a rehearsal and spoke with chorus founder Sandi Hammond, a singer and vocal teacher, and chorus members George Hastie and Laurie Wolfe who talk about what it’s been like to discover their new singing voices in a safe space.


  • Sandi Hammond, director of the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus.
  • George Hastie, member of the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus. He tweets @Hastie_George.
  • Laurie Wolfe, member of the Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus. She tweets @lauriewolfetrew.


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