Ricky Skaggs

Title/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Victor Kill/ Austin & Elliott/ Cradle and Crow/ Austin & Elliott

Coffee in the Morning/ Hoot  and Holler/ Reasons to Run/ Hootandhollermusic.com

One Day Closer/ Jonathan Edwards/ One Day Closer/ Rising Records

This Island Earth/ Jonathan Edwards/ One Day Closer/ Rising Records

Jolly Tinker/ Jeff Warner/ Jolly Tinker/ Gumstump

Old Folks At Home The Hardtacks/ Global Banjar The Hardtacks

Murphys Waltz Mollie O'brien & Rich Moore/ Daughters/ Remington Road Records

Title/ Artist/ Album/ Label

Things About Coming My Way/ Guy Davis/ Legacy/ Red House Records

Casey Jones/ Tom Rush/ What I Know/ Appleseed

Cold Missouri Waters/ James Keelaghan/ History - The First 25 Years/ True North

The Great Sad River/ Harvey Reid & Joyce Andersen/ The Great Sad River/ Woodpecker Records

Drunk On June/ Daisy O'connor/ Lightchasers/ Daisy O'Connor

Go up to that Mountain/ The Steel Wheels/ No More Rain/ The Steel Wheels

Mail Myself to You/ John McCutcheon/ Mail Myself to You/ New Rounder