Save The Date: N.H. In Path Of Totality For 2024 Solar Eclipse

Aug 22, 2017


Monday afternoon's solar eclipse grabbed the attention of Granite Staters both young and old, even though the state was only in view of a partial eclipse.

New Hampshire was in the path of a roughly 62 percent eclipse, while the path of totality stretched from Oregon to South Carolina.

So, one can only imagine the excitement that will grip the state seven years from now, when the northern tip of New Hampshire will be in the path of totality for the next North American solar eclipse. 

That will occur on April 8, 2024. 

The towns of Pittsburg and Colebrook look to be the best areas for viewing. It's the only part of the state where there will be 100 percent coverage of the sun. 

Residents of Berlin will see 99 percent coverage. And even in the southern part of the state, cities like Manchester and Nashua will see 95 percent coverage.

You can look up the path here