Next Week On The Exchange - November 18th

Nov 15, 2013

Next week on The Exchange, a week-long series, 'How We Work: 5 Years Later':

On Monday, we'll start with a look at the job numbers - where we were before the recession, and where we are now. Next, we'll turn to New Hampshire's older workers, who were hit much harder in this recession than others - both in terms of layoffs and looking for work. On Wednesday, we'll take a closer look at changes in education and job preparation over the past five years.  Then, a look at how we define job satisfaction: as the economy improves, are employers simply increasing salary and benefits? Or is there more demand for flexible hours, perks at the workplace, and telecommuting? On Friday we'll end, as always, with our weekly New Hampshire news roundup. E-mail us to share your thoughts or questions ahead of time at and join us all next week, every morning live at 9am, and again at 8pm.