Lindsey Graham Says He's "Very Close" To Presidential Run

Mar 8, 2015

Lindsey Graham
Credit Evan Vucci/AP

Fresh off a trip to Iowa, Lindsey Graham spent Sunday afternoon at the Snowshoe Club in Concord.

Standing before a crackling fire, Graham told about 50 Republicans the GOP must lead on tax and entitlement reform, but most of all on national security.

"Congress and the Republican Party lost their way. We became the party of the tax cut rather than the party of national defense. Without national defense there can be no social security." 

Amid mingling and tasting a slice of pie, Graham said he wants to run for president but won't if he can't mount a credible campaign.

"This is a business decision. If I can't have a professional staff, if I can't raise enough money, I won't do it on a lark. But we are getting pretty close."

Graham speaks Monday morning at Politics and Eggs at St. Anselm College.