Lawmakers Urged To Repeal 2013 Provisions Of Voter ID Law

Feb 12, 2013

Credit Tracy Lee Carroll, NHPR

  A bill that would repeal provisions of the state’s voter ID law set to take effect this year had a hearing before the House election committee Tuesday.

Sarah Chapman has been supervisor of the checklist in New Boston for 29 years.

She told the House election committee that training an all-volunteer staff to implement the initial requirements of New Hampshire’s voter ID law was challenging enough.

“If the 2013 provisions are enacted, I can’t imagine how difficult it will be in addition to being expensive. Common sense tells me we don’t need this. I’ve never seen any instance of voter fraud in our town.”

Chapman was one of several people who testified Tuesday in support of a bill that would repeal the 2013 provisions.

Under current law, starting this fall, voters without ID will have to have their pictures taken, along with filling out an affidavit.  

Also, valid IDs will be limited to those issued by the state DMV or federal government.

The bill may be seen as a compromise for Republicans, with some Democrats pushing for full repeal.

Deputy Secretary of State David Scanlan estimates it will cost roughly $81,000 to implement the new provisions.