Keene Theater Plans To Show 'The Interview'

Dec 24, 2014

An independent theater in Keene plans to screen “The Interview” on Christmas day.

Alex Meadow is the owner of Keene Cinemas, and says he pushed to get rights to show the movie as soon as Sony announced this week it had reversed its decision to pull the film.

“I mean, it’s a movie. And it’s satire. And satire has a place in society, by all means. And we’re also not going to make our decisions business-wise on fear. So I’m not going to be held back by these threats and whatnot from showing a movie.”

Meadow says he’s the only theater he knows that’s showing the film in New Hampshire.

"We haven't sold any tickets to it yet because it was not finalized until yesterday. We weren't able to advertise we were showing it until we knew we could show it," he said. "Since then, we've gotten phone calls pretty much all day for tickets."

He says he’s been contacted by Keene police, who told him they plan to have officers in the area.

The comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco is about two Americans journalists hired by the CIA to assassinate the leader of North Korea.