Hundreds Of N.H. Low-Income Families Would Feel Pinch Of Sequester

Feb 27, 2013

With across-the-board spending cuts known as the sequester set to go into effect Friday, hundreds of the state’s low-income families and children could lose access to federal programs.

The federal Women, Infants and Children Nutrition Program would be cut by roughly 5 percent through sequestration.

Ellen Fineberg of the Children's Alliance of New Hampshire says that would mean 1,100 low-income mothers and young children in the Granite State would lose access to the program.

“At this time when things are so fragile in our would be I think terribly detrimental to have these cuts go into effect.”

She lists several other programs and services available to low-income families that would have funding reduced.

“It will impact children’s health care. For instance, substance abuse treatment and childhood vaccines. The estimate is that up to 680 young people would not be getting vaccines.”

And Fineberg says 100 New Hampshire children would lose access to the federal Head Start program should the cuts go through.