HHS to Cut the Roles of Community Health Programs

Dec 20, 2011


In an attempt to save $400,000 in Medicaid spending, State health officials are planning major funding cuts to child and family health programs. 


Lisabritt Solsky, the deputy director of Medicaid, said state health officials had no choice but to make the cuts.

Solsky: The legislature acted and reduced our budget, the funding is gone for this, it is not something we asked for and it is not something we promoted

Specifically, the state is planning to trim the budget of those health care providers who care for at-risk, low-income expectant mothers and their children.

Jane Vanbremen, with Good Beginnings a home visit program in Sullivan County, says the budget cuts are shortsighted.  

Van Bremen: They’re going to have serious mental health problems, they’re going to be more likely to be incarcerated, and it’s just an incredibly shortsighted way to care for vulnerable families.

The cuts will be finalized by the legislature next month.