Food-Bot Scours the College Web For Free Pizza

Apr 11, 2011

Actually, if you want free food you should have a baby - people have given us all sorts of delicious things. But if that approach is a little drastic, maybe Food-Bot would be more useful. This site, designed by a once-hungry college student looking to eat on a modest budget, scours campus event calendars for mentions of free edibles. You can even have the site send you e-mails when new events are posted

So far Food-Bot only operates on a handful of campuses, but I suspect it can expand as more hungry, educable denizens realize it's only Wednesday and they've run out of punches on this week's cafeteria card. And don't miss the Food-Bot Fail blog, a sort of virtual blooper reel where Food-Bot's algorithm makes false positives and the programmer corrects them. No longer will Food-Bot see an event featuring former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice and think, "Ah, an event with free rice to eat!" [via SmartPlanet]

As always, we hope you'll share an awesome link or two in the comments. We don't have any free pizza, but if we did, we'd share it with you.