Democrat Kuster Wins Re-Election in an Unexpectedly Tight Race

Nov 9, 2016

The New Hampshire race that did get called late last night was District 2 Congressional Seat—which covers the west and north of the state. Incumbent Democrat Annie Kuster won a third term, but that win was unexpectedly tight. NHPR’s Natasha Haverty reports.

This was supposed to be the one that ended early—Republican Jim Lawrence bringing baggage of unpaid taxes and child support; little name recognition; even less campaign money—going up against established Democrat Annie Kuster.

But at midnight, the votes that had been counted were pretty much split. Around then, candidates got up on their respective stages and told their supporters to go home.

Jim Lawrence in Nashua: "But I’m proud to say that thanks to the support of great people like yourselves that are here tonight, and all of my supporters across the state, that we have run one of the best campaigns I’ve seen." 

And Annie Kuster in Concord: "Stay tuned, obviously we’re all glued to the races at the top of the ticket as well.  And uh hopefully tomorrow we’ll wake up victorious across the board. Thank you so much."

An hour later, Kuster was declared the winner by only a handful of percentage points.