Court Orders HHS to Assess Medicaid Cuts

Hospitals hope a recent federal court ruling forces New Hampshire to spend more money on Medicaid services.

A federal judge has given the state 15 days to meet with interested parties over cuts made to the Medicaid program in 2008.

The court ruled the Department of Health and Human Services failed to measure how Medicaid cuts would affect services, a violation of federal law.

10 New Hampshire hospitals argue rates are now so low they’ve had to cut care for the poor.

Attorney Scott O’Connell, who represents the hospitals, says this court order means federal officials can look into the program’s funding.  

“They are going to look closely at what New Hampshire’s commitment is to this program is sufficient, because if it’s not...we go back to the rates that were in existence in 2008.”

O’Connell says that could mean tens of millions of dollars just for his 10 clients.

The Attorney General Office doesn’t agree the state must send additional information to federal health officials.