Clinton Defends Progressive Credentials in Derry

Feb 3, 2016

 Campaigning in Derry this morning, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton defended what she called her progressive credentials.

 Speaking to a packed room in the Derry Boys & Girls Club Wednesday, Hillary Clinton conceded she is trailing in New Hampshire polls. But she said she wouldn’t take the advice of some who say she should move on to other states. “I have to tell you. I just could not ever skip New Hampshire," said Clinton. "I cannot even imagine not being here.” Clinton promised the audience of over a hundred and fifty that she would build on the legacy of the Democratic party. Clinton also took aim at her Democratic opponent, criticizing Bernie Sanders for a statement he made Tuesday in Keene. “I was a little disappointed to be honest yesterday," said Clinton. "It was kind of a low-blow when Senator Sanders said in response to a question ‘Well you know, maybe she’s a progressive on some days.” Clinton then listed what she sees as her progressive achievements, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program, her defense of Planned Parenthood and her calls for tougher gun-control measures. Clinton and Sanders are scheduled to debate one last time before the New Hampshire primary this Thursday.