Bedford Voters OK $30M Bond For Road Improvements

Mar 11, 2014

Roads in Bedford will soon get a major facelift, after voters in the town approved a $30 million bond to address a backlog of road improvements.

Seventy-two percent of voters supported the bond in Tuesday’s Town Meeting.

It needed two-thirds to pass.

Town officials said the improvements are much-needed.

Public Works Director Jim Stanford says the money will be used to repair roughly 150 roads, bridges and culverts, some of which haven’t had any maintenance in 20 years.

“Whatever roadway in town is classified at this point as needing repair or upgrade, that’s what this bond is for.”

Construction will start on the roads next year and is expected to last through 2022.

The town hasn’t increased its annual maintenance budget in more than a decade, but has passed several, smaller road bonds in that time.

Also on Tuesday, Bedford voters rejected a $3.8 million bond to build a new substation for the fire department.