Bedford Police Name Suspect In November Home Invasion

Apr 12, 2013

Charles Normil in 2010.
Credit Courtesy of Rye Police Dept.

  Bedford Police say they have a warrant for a Massachusetts man allegedly involved in the burglary and subsequent assaults of Eduardo Quesada and his wife Sofia on November 24th.

Bedford Police Chief John Bryfonski says his department received a tip in January that put Charles Normil of Lawrence, Massachusetts on their radar. Authorities have been secretive with details of the case so far but Bryfonski provided some new information of the aftermath of that day’s events.

“Dr. Quesada was stabbed in the head multiple times with a screwdriver, resulting in facial fractures, lacerations and brain injury. Mrs. Quesada was sexually and physically assaulted which resulted in the loss of sight in her left eye amongst other serious injuries.”

Bedford Police Chief John Bryfonski at podium.
Credit Ryan Lessard / NHPR

  Normil is charged with attempted murder, burglary, aggravated felonious sexual assault, first degree assault and falsifying evidence. Normil is currently being held at a Massachusetts location for unknown charges. Hillsborough County is seeking his extradition to the state. His accomplice, who remains unnamed, is also in custody and is being handled as a federal case.

On November 24th, Dr. Quesada and his wife arrived at their Bedford residence to find two men burglarizing it. The men assaulted the couple and fled the scene. In January, Mrs. Quesada was found dead for reasons authorities say are unrelated.

In twenty ten, Normil and a partner by the name of Nathan Lamontagne were indicted for burglarizing several homes in Rye.

They were sentenced to 3 ½ to 7 years in New Hampshire State Prison.