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Word of Mouth

Love and Fatigue in America

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Roger King is the author of four novels, and has worked extensively on development projects in Africa and Asia. He’s suffered from chronic fatigue since 1991 and joins us to talk about his new autobiographical novel Love and Fatigue in America.

The novel begins with the promise of a new life for an attractive, wordly, unnamed Brit. He’s got a new teaching job in Spokane, a new girlfriend and a book deal. His wish to get it right this time dissolves on arrival, when he’s stricken with M-E disease, also known as chronic fatigue syndrome. His drive is ground to a halt, forcing him to be patient and attentive to others as he moves through jobs, women, states and a variety of peculiar treatments – all afforded without health insurance.     

 King will be signing and discussing his new book in Peterborough on Saturday.