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Ten months into the pandemic, many people are still struggling to find employment and make ends meet. But, there's an unexpected resource for some of New Hampshire's Colombian residents. 

On Wednesday, members of the Colombian consulate in Boston will make their way to Manchester to give $84 Market Basket gift cards - along with nutrition guides - to 20 people.

Gov. Chris Sununu will give an update on New Hampshire's COVID-19 response today, as the state begins COVID-19 vaccinations by appointment for those 65 and older who have registered via

COVID-19 vaccine shot

Less than a day after defending a policy that allowed non-residents who own property in the state to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination, the state is reversing course and will limit vaccines to residents.

President Biden will reimpose a ban on many non-U.S. citizens attempting to enter the country. The move is an attempt to limit the spread of COVID-19 and contain new variants of the disease that have cropped up in several countries around the globe, according to media reports Sunday.

N.H. Towns Get Okay To Postpone Annual Meetings, Again, Due To COVID Concerns

Jan 23, 2021
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Gov. Chris Sununu announced Friday that Town Meeting deliberative sessions, traditional Town Meetings and official ballot voting days for Town Meetings this year can be postponed upon the decision of local officials due to COVID-19 concerns. Voting procedures may also be modified for safety purposes after consultation with town moderators, the attorney general’s office and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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The state's largest school district is resuming in-person learning for the majority of grades on Monday.

The Manchester school board modified its reopening metrics earlier this month, allowing schools to reopen with a hybrid model in spite of substantial community transmission of COVID-19.

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The process for signing up for a COVID-19 vaccine was smooth for many, rocky for a few, but ultimately successful for more than 147,000 New Hampshire residents on Friday. 

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Gov. Chris Sununu said New Hampshire schools should reopen, whether fully or in a hybrid system, regardless of whether teachers have been vaccinated.

COVID-19 vaccine shot

New Hampshire residents 65 and older can sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine Friday, either online or by calling 2-1-1. But some North Country health care providers are concerned their oldest residents might find themselves at the back of the line for this phase.

Nurse gets COVID-19 vaccine
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Six weeks ago, a group of five front-line healthcare workers at Elliot Hospital in Manchester posed for the cameras as they received the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered in New Hampshire. Since then, 70,000 additional frontline health workers, residents of long-term care facilities, and first responders have received at least their first dose as part of what the state is calling Phase 1A of its vaccination effort.

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The majority of inmates who tested positive for COVID-19 at Valley Street Jail in Manchester are no longer considered infectious and have been cleared from quarantine status.

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The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state is trending downward, giving hospital staff some relief after seeing record patient numbers during the winter holidays.

While millions wait for a lifesaving shot, the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus continues to soar upward with horrifying speed. On Tuesday, the last full day of Donald Trump's presidency, the official death count reached 400,000 — a once-unthinkable number. More than 100,000 Americans have perished in the pandemic in just the past five weeks.

Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

State health officials say they are confident that a website created to process COVID-19 vaccine appointment requests will be able to handle the anticipated volume.

N.H. Vaccine Distribution and Administration

Jan 19, 2021
Vaccine plan
Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

COVID-19 vaccine distribution continues, with national and state logistical challenges. We talk about the hurdles involved, how the state is managing the distribution process, and the latest information on how and when people will get their shots in New Hampshire. 

Air date: Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Vaccine plan
Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

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Funcionarios de salud anunciaron el jueves pasado, 14 de enero, que los residentes de New Hampshire que tengan 65 años o más se podrán vacunar en la siguiente fase del estado. Esto es una decisión tomada para alinearse con las recomendaciones federales. 

For more than a year and a half, President-elect Joe Biden campaigned promising to undo several Trump administration policies on Day 1 of his presidency, and now his team is filling in the details of that and more as he prepares to take office.

Biden's incoming chief of staff, Ron Klain, on Saturday laid out in a memo the executive orders the new president will issue on Jan. 20 and in the early days of the new administration.

Karen Collman and Jamie Cunningham, during a pre-pandemic visit with their sister, Erica, who lives at Lafayette Center in Franconia.
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This time last month, Karen Collman was feeling cautiously optimistic. She knew that the first COVID-19 vaccines were coming to New Hampshire and, like many, saw the moment as a turning point — a sign that help was coming soon, at least to those most at risk.

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Gov. Chris Sununu is starting his third term as governor of New Hampshire. Morning Edition host Rick Ganley spoke with Sununu Friday about the challenges facing the state, events this past week in Washington, and what he hopes to accomplish in the next two years.

Vaccine plan
Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

State health officials announced Thursday that New Hampshire residents ages 65 and over will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine during the state's next phase, 1b, aligning with federal recommendations.

Mount Sunapee ski resort
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New Hampshire ski patrollers are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations alongside front line health care workers.

The state’s original vaccine plan didn’t prioritize the 500-plus paid and volunteer patrollers who work at New Hampshire ski areas. The most conspicuous notice of the change in policy appears on the website of the New Hampshire Region Ski Patrol, which announced the change last week.

photo of vaccine vials

New Hampshire health providers say they're going to need more federal and state help when it comes to vaccinating the general public.

Picture of vaccine vial
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Board members at a Rye nursing home "cut in line" for a COVID-19 vaccine, according to New Hampshire health officials. 

The New Hampshire Attorney General's office has released new recommendations for grocery stores and retailers on encouraging mask wearing among customers, after some businesses reported employees were uncomfortable enforcing state guidance.

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Rey DeJesus has been at Valley Street Jail since February, awaiting a trial for felony charges. He and his wife Krystal DeJesus talk on the phone every day, and a few weeks ago, he called to say people in the jail were getting sick.

New Hampshire Veterans Home

Some frontline health care workers who have gotten their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine say they're not able to register for their second shot, as the state works to move to a new registration system in preparation for future phases.

Only a vaccine will save America from the COVID -19 pandemic. At least that's the opinion of nearly all public health officials.

Obviously, vaccine manufacturers are critical to any vaccine campaign. But there's another group that plays a less obvious but still crucial role in making sure vaccines do what they're intended: mathematicians.

Even if the Biden administration releases all available doses of the two authorized COVID-19 vaccines, for a while at least, supplies will remain limited. How best to use that limited supply is a question mathematicians can help answer.

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The delayed passing of the coronavirus relief package is impacting COVID-19 testing at New Hampshire hospitals.

Hospitals were contracted with the state to help conduct coronavirus testing across communities. But those contracts, along with the resources and funding through the CARES Act to support them, ended at the end of the year.

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Earlier this week, New Hampshire health officials announced more details about the next stage of the state's vaccine plan, which they say will begin in mid- or late-January. But many are awaiting further information that they hope will clarify the available guidance.

As case numbers of COVID-19 continue to rise in New Hampshire  and the nation, join NHPR for an in-depth look at the latest on coronavirus vaccines.