Stand in the Place Where You Work

Mar 26, 2012

Are you sitting down? Well, listen up: research shows that sitting too much shaves years off of your life. In 2011, a study in the emerging field of Inactivity Studies found that each hour of sitting per day increases a person’s risk of death due to cardiovascular diseases by 18 percent. It turns out that eating well and getting plenty of exercise do not offset the detriments of couch potato time as much as living and working in an environment where standing is the default option. As part of our continuing series Shifting the Balance, we spoke with Dr. James Levine…he’s Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic, co-founder of MUVE and a leading expert on obesity. Old school thinking used to be that if you eat well and got some exercise, you’d offset any damage done by living a sedentary life. But that’s not the case. Here to help us understand why is Dr. James Levine. He’s Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and one of the nation’s leading experts on obesity.