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Live In Keene with Dayton Duncan (Rebroadcast)

Mar 19, 2012

If you don't know the name, Dayton Duncan, you'll most likely be familiar with his work.  He's an award winning writer and filmmaker who has been Ken Burn's right hand man for decades. The two have collaborated on multi-hour films on topics that have ranged from Lewis and Clark to the Civil War to Baseball to our National Parks.  Their latest collaboration is on the Dustbowl that premeires in 2012. On Friday night, Dayton Duncan sat down with Laura Knoy before a live audience at the Colonial Theatre in Keene to talk about his work and his special collaborative process with Ken Burns. Today, we bring you part of that event. 


  • Dayton Duncan - Award winning writer and documentary filmmaker.  He's the author of 10 books as well as many documentaries with filmmaker, Ken Burns. Their newest collaboration on the Dust Bowl comes out in 2012