Learning To Love The Tour De France

Jul 18, 2013

Credit Claude Schildknecht via Flickr Creative Commons

I was deep in western New York for the July fourth holiday. We had loads of fun and the weather was mostly great. The one sour note was not being able to find Wimbledon on the available television channels…we searched for Wimbledon and found live coverage of the Tour de France. In addition to having no interest in watching the race, I realized that I had no idea how to watch the Tour de France. I’m not alone, apparently because each year when the spotlight turns again to spandex, millions of Americans shrug and say “meh!”

Not so for NHPR’s education and environment reporter Sam Evans-Brown, an avid tour watcher who has a track record for converting lukewarm Tour de France watchers into enthusiasts. He spoke with us and explained how to watch the race.