LastingMatters: Conversations About Death

Jan 30, 2014

Credit Kaity Hemgesberg via flickr Creative Commons

Discussing death should be no laughing matter. Nor should it be easy, pressure-free, and light-hearted, right? Well, according to Barbara Sedoricfounder of LastingMatters, talking about death doesn't need to be somber, and it does need to happen.

In October of 2012, she created Boo's Bucket List Blog, her first ever, with the idea of starting a conversation about death. From there, her posts have covered everything from end of life conversations, funeral planning, and bucket lists.

Interestingly, the headline usually states that these people were "lost". Why do we, as a society, have such a difficult time using the words "death", "dead" or "died"?

Barbara has recently covered debates over Tweeting about cancer and calling the recently deceased "lost" rather than "dead". She also encourages fellow bloggers to share their stories.

To hear more about end of life conversations, listen to Virginia Prescott's interview with Ellen Goodman, co-founder of The Conversation Project.

And don't miss producer Taylor Quimby's interview with Lee Webster, director of the New Hampshire Funeral Resources, Education and Advocacy group and vice president of the Home Funeral Alliance.