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Senate Fails To Override Hassan Veto Of Juvenile Justice Bill

Ben McLeod
Flickr Creative Commons

The NH Senate has upheld Gov. Maggie Hassan’s veto of Senate Bill 391, which sought to change the state’s juvenile justice system.

The 12-9 vote fell along party lines and was two votes shy of the 2/3rd margin needed to override.

GOP senators disputed Hassan’s claim this bill would make the juvenile justice system too focused on incarceration.

Sharon Carson of Londonderry, the bill's lead sponsor, reminded colleagues that they had endorsed the bill without controversy earlier this year.

“We in this chamber all voted for the needed changes in senate bill 391. Have we all suddenly changed our minds?”

Democrats, meanwhile, said changes made to the bill late in the process, including the creation of a new position, called juvenile justice system director, should be revisited.

In a statement, Governor Maggie Hassan says she plans to reestablish and clarify the responsibilities of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board via executive order.

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