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Tactics To Help Unwind And Survive This Election Campaign Season


If you are right there feeling Don's pain, struggling to survive this campaign season, you're not alone. We got to wondering about the different tactics people are using to unplug once in a while. This weekend outside the White House, we heard a lot of differing emotions about the race. Carlos Fernandez is mad.

CARLOS FERNANDEZ: I'm fed up. I'm tired of discussing these kind of crappy issues for politics.

KELLY: Lou Berman tries to laugh it all off.

LOU BERMAN: I think we've had enough, and we honestly want our TV back (laughter).

KELLY: Many people told us the election is like a reality show they can't look away from. Melanie Young says her friends are no help.

MELANIE YOUNG: My Facebook news feed is just full of - apparently everybody I know is a political expert. I wish I had enough self-control to not go on Facebook because of the elections. I don't.

KELLY: Keith Elliot of Tennessee says he took matters into his own hands.

KEITH ELLIOT: I'll put it this way. I used to listen to talk radio all day long, and then I got burnt out on it because you can only take so much.

KELLY: He turned the dial to refocus.

ELLIOT: I started listening to country music to kind of wash it all out.

KELLY: Samantha Jones says she has a 6-year-old who hears everything.

SAMANTHA JONES: So I do have to turn it off sometimes. I watch more kids shows now (laughter).

KELLY: And Tony Faulkner has a more definitive solution.

TONY FAULKNER: Literally just turn everything off. Just sit there and just pull out a book. There's no advertisements in a good science fiction book (laughter).

KELLY: He's got a point. Maybe in the end, dreaming of life on a different planet is the way to go until November 8. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.