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GOP Voters In Florida Stumped If Trump Wins Party Nomination


Republicans opposing Donald Trump may face a choice soon. It's whether they can support him if he wins the party's nomination. As Trump won the Florida primary this week, we encountered Dr. Farouk Saeed (ph). He'd just cast a ballot for a Republican he described as not Donald Trump.

FAROUK SAEED: He's used to his corporation and his companies where he is the ultimate guy and nobody really goes against him. And that doesn't really work for a country.

INSKEEP: The Pakistani-American doctor calls many of Trump's statements racist and said he doesn't know anybody who endorses such views.

SAEED: You know, it's quite shocking to see the voting results showing the very opposite.

INSKEEP: This Republican says the Trump nomination would force him to vote for a Democrat or not at all. Trump is also on the mind of Republican voter Jennifer Baim (ph), a stay-at-home mom we met at a Tampa, Fla. park.

JENNIFER BAIM: He's not someone I'd want my children role modeling after. I don't like how he's talked about women. There's - I mean, there's a lot of things. I would be ashamed to be like, I'm Republican and, you know, to say, and Trump represents what I think - 'cause I don't agree with him at all.

UNIDENTIFIED CHILD: (Yelling, unintelligible).

BAIM: Is Trump a pig? No comment.

INSKEEP: This week Baim's candidate, Marco Rubio, was knocked out of the race. Listen as she ponders what to do now if Donald Trump faces a Democrat.

BAIM: If that was what I was left with, I just don't - I think I'd, like, cry. I can't get past that I feel like Hillary lies a lot and that she kind of fluctuates based on what's popular and expected of her. But I think Bernie's kind of far out. And he's - wow, I guess if it was between Hillary and Bernie, I'd say I'd go with Bernie. And I think if it was between Bernie and Trump, I'd end up going with Trump. And I don't like it. Like, that tastes like vinegar, but that's probably what I'd do. You all saw that that was agonizing for me, though. I did not like this question. This is not what I want.

INSKEEP: Florida Republican Jennifer Baim. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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