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Supporters Reflect On Caucus Outcomes By Trump, Rubio


OK, so politics can be a matter of expectations. Donald Trump came to Iowa originally without high hopes. He leaves here having finished second. He's heading to a place where he's leading in the polls, New Hampshire. Let's follow-up with an Iowa voter we spoke to last week. When we met her, Rachel Raak Law was laser focused on one Republican candidate.

RACHEL RAAK LAW: I'm 100 percent Trump.

GREENE: OK, how'd you decide on that?

LAW: He's got the presence of what we need as a nation to gain back what we have lost so quickly.

GREENE: The single mom was all in for Trump, even lobbying her family members to caucus for him, and she wasn't invoking the name of any other GOP candidates when we met her. When we reached her last night, she said she was standing behind her candidate.

LAW: You know, I like Ted Cruz - still stand behind Donald Trump. And Rubio is great to, but, you know, I mean this is Iowa. We still have New Hampshire. We still have other ones going on, and, I mean, this isn't the end by any means.

GREENE: And let's bring in one more voice here. Janelle Smithson attends the University of Iowa, where she's president of the College Republicans. When we met her last week, she said she had no doubt who she was caucusing for.

JANELLE SMITHSON: I will definitely go work with Marco Rubio and volunteer over there, but as chair, I stay totally neutral.

GREENE: Neutral because she runs the College Republicans and was also running the caucus at one precinct. Janelle was not at all neutral last night when she was at a bar celebrating Rubio's third finish.

SMITHSON: I had a ton of fun. It was way more people than I expected to show up.

GREENE: Now, she's looking ahead.

SMITHSON: I think we're counting it as a thumbs-up. You know, there's still a lot of work to do with the rest of the caucuses and primaries coming up, but I think it - definitely not a loss.

GREENE: And as we heard, the scene now shifts to New Hampshire. Many of the presidential candidates have already arrived there. We will be broadcasting all this morning from here at Smokey Row, a coffee house in Des Moines. And just recapping the final count in Iowa, the Republican winner, Ted Cruz, with a finish by Donald Trump in second place and not at all far behind Marco Rubio. Hillary Clinton, we learned this morning, the Iowa Democratic Party saying that she beat out Bernie Sanders very narrowly - literally narrowly. Some of the precincts here in Iowa were decided by the flip of a coin. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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