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Managing Forest Land With Help From Monadnock Conservancy

Jack Calhoun and his siblings donated the 310-acre Calhoun Family Forest to the Monadnock Conservancy. They wanted the tract to be managed as their parents had managed it -- as a sustainable timber resource, for public use, education and conservation.

Jack: This property is an aggregation of properties that my parents bought; and over the years, they managed it for sustainable timber, for wildlife, and for protection of water resources

My father was a forester. He was incredibly passionate about forests, and that they weren't just meant to be backdrops for gracious country living. They were actually meant to be part of the system of the interplay of people and resources that sustain the world.

After my parents both passed away, the property came to my siblings and I. And the question became: how are we going to make some assurances that our children can own it without a lot of headaches. What we really liked was the opportunity to be on the land when we were inclined to do that, and we didn't necessarily have to own it to do that.

Not only is it a piece of land, which is what the organization is all about, but more importantly, if they manage it as a timber resource, they will be able to manage that and over time realize a very interesting revenue stream that would otherwise not be available.

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