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Goodbye, Jeans? Pinkerton Academy Wants Students To Dress For Success

candrews via Flickr Creative Commons

Pinkerton Academy in Derry is considering a unified dress code, which would require students to wear business casual attire.

The school is holding an informational session on the proposal for parents Thursday evening.

Headmaster Mary Anderson says the new policy would still give students options, while narrowing what’s allowed.

“Students could wear khaki pants, girls could wear shorts, boys could wear shorts. Girls could wear skorts or Capris. But all khaki material, and a polo shirt of varied colors.”

Jeans would only be allowed on occasional dress-down days.

Anderson says student dress often disrupts the educational process.

“If you have to send students home because they’re inappropriately dressed or the administrators spend time addressing dress code issues, it’s a ridiculous waste of time.”

The school held a fashion show for students on the first day of school to show them what would be allowed.

Anderson says she has received positive feedback from parents and doesn’t believe it will have a financial impact on families.

If approved, the new dress code would go into effect next year.