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Listen Up Witches, From Now On It's Hauntington, Not Huntington, N.Y.


So we get it. A lot of kids love Halloween - costumes, trick-or-treating, lots of candy. One 7-year-old in Huntington, N.Y., loves the holiday so much that this year she decided to write a letter about it to the top official in her town.

ANGELICA DEE CUNNINGHAM: Dear Supervisor Lupinacci, hello, my name is Angelica Dee Cunningham.


That's Angelica reading from her letter, which she wrote back in August. She was in the car with her parents, and something dawned on her.

DEIRDRE CUNNINGHAM: She just came out with this idea. And my husband and I thought it was so clever. We were very, very impressed.

CHANG: Angelica's mother, Deirdre Cunningham, says she then helped her daughter pen a letter to the Huntington Town Board.

ANGELICA: One of the best things about Huntington is the way we celebrate Halloween. I love getting dressed up, going into town and trick-or-treating with my friends.

SHAPIRO: Then came the request.

ANGELICA: I think that this October Huntington should officially be called Hauntington.

SHAPIRO: Hauntington.

CHANG: Hauntington.

ANGELICA: That's would be fun to say for me, my friends and all the citizens of Huntington. Thank you for reading my letter.

CHANG: I mean, how could you refuse that? And last week the town board formally considered Angelica's proposal. Huntington Town Supervisor Chad Lupinacci says it's not every day the members come to an agreement like this.

CHAD LUPINACCI: Sometimes you get all the elected officials in the same room with a solid 5-0 vote - from all the colleagues on the town board to help rename Huntington Hauntington.

SHAPIRO: Seven-year-old Angelica Cunningham watched the whole thing play out through an online video.

ANGELICA: I smiled when I saw it.

SHAPIRO: And today and every October 31 from now on, a giant orange-and-black banner hangs over Huntington Town Hall. Of course, it says Hauntington Town Hall. Happy Halloween.


THE SPECIALS: (Singing) This town is coming like a ghost town. All the clubs have been closed down. This place is coming like a ghost town. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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