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Google Sells Guidebook Brand Back To Frommer


NPR's business news starts with a familiar new owner for Frommer's.


GREENE: All right. So yesterday on this program, we mentioned reports that Google had decided to stop printing Frommer's travel guidebooks after buying the company last year.


That was yesterday. This just in: The founder of the Frommer's franchise has announced that Google has agreed to sell the company back to him. And Arthur Frommer says that he's going to continue to print the travel guidebooks, in addition to publishing them electronically. Frommer founded the company back in 1957.

GREENE: In the years since, the company has published hundreds of guidebooks helping travelers pick restaurants, hotels and activities. Google says they have used Frommer's resources to improve services like Google Maps since the purchase last summer. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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