What Happens When You Ask Celebrities What They're Wearing ... In Klingon?

Jul 22, 2016

On Wednesday night, the film Star Trek: Beyond held its red-carpet premiere at San Diego Comic-Con. They went all out – a live orchestra, fireworks, a laser show. Conan O'Brien hosted the gig. NPR's Nina Gregory reported on it for Morning Edition yesterday.

NPR doesn't really do red carpets, so we figured we'd make the most of this one. (We were stationed right between the R and the E of Star Trek Beyond.)

Nina asked a Klingon expert – who, in a move that will not surprise you in the least, asked to be identified as "Admiral qurgh of the Klingon Assault Group" – how a Klingon would say, "Who are you wearing?"

The answer, for the record, is "Sut DatuQtaHbogh chenmoH 'lv?" (Literally: Who created the clothing that you are wearing?")

As the film's cast filed by, Nina gamely fired off the question. Below, their varied reactions.

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