Governor Says Health Exchange Decision Rests With Her

Feb 6, 2013

The Governor today affirmed that it’s her office that gets to make the final call regarding the type of health insurance exchange New Hampshire operates.

The Federal government has set a February 15th deadline for a decision.

Last year, a law passed prohibiting the state from running its own health insurance exchange. A key part of the Affordable Care Act, exchanges are the new marketplaces where people will shop for insurance starting in 2014. 

New Hampshire is left with two other options: either partner with the Federal government, or opt out completely and let Washington run the exchange.

With time running out to make a decision, Hassan says she hopes to reach agreement with lawmakers. But she believes ultimately, it’s her decision.

Hassan: “I am eager to collaborate with the legislature to get their input. But I believe we have the authority to go ahead.”

Republicans say an oversight committee created last year to implement the ACA in New Hampshire should decide. That body consists of three Republicans and three Democrats. They meet next week. In the meanwhile, behind the scene talks are taking place.