Clinton Talks College Affordability At UNH

Sep 18, 2015

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton was at UNH Friday morning to promote her college affordability plan. The former secretary of state described her proposal as a pragmatic approach to a thorny issue.

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan and two former UNH students flanked Clinton as she addressed an audience with at least as many older folks as students.  Under her plan, Clinton said, students may have to pay some to go to public colleges, but they will not have to take out loans. And, she said, anyone who participate in national service programs will be guaranteed to graduate debt free.

Credit Emily Corwin for NHPR

“We will also make it easier to enroll in income based repayment programs so you will never have to pay more than 10% of what you make, and your debt will only last for a fixed period of time rather than hanging over your head, forever.”

Later, Clinton told reporters that fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders’ plan – which would make all state schools tuition free –only encourages ballooning costs.  She called her plan more responsible.