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3.25.15: Mark Kelly, Killing In Video Games, & Deli Man

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On Friday, Scott Kelly embarks on a one-year trip to the International Space Station to study the physiological effects of long-term spaceflight.  Crucial to the mission is his twin brother, former astronaut Mark Kelly, who will be acting as a sort of controlled variable here on Earth.  Today on Word of Mouth, we speak with Mark about being the sibling who stays home.  Later in the show, we celebrate the culture of the Jewish deli, and ask whether restaurants based on thick meaty sandwiches and 'schmaltz' can survive in the age of the kale smoothie.

Listen to the full show or click read more for individual segments.

Former Astronaut Mark Kelly

  • Former astronaut Mark Kelly, twin brother of Scott Kelly, talks about the year-long study NASA is conducting to better understand how space affects the body, and about his new children's book, Astrotwins: Project Blastoff.
    Mark Kelly

Why We Need A Rotating Spacecraft To Get To Mars

  • Lee Billings, an editor who covers physics and space for Scientific American, talks about one possible solution to the problem of microgravity, and why it's going to take a lot more funding before we safely put a man on Mars. 
  • Read Scientific American's editorial on NASA's twin study here.
    Why We Need A Rotating Spacecraft

The Winter Caretaker Of Star Island

  • NHPR's Sean Hurley spends a day with photographer Alexandra De Steiguer, the lone winter caretaker of Star Island for the past 18 years. 
  • Photos and more from Sean's trip to Star Island here.
    The Winter Caretaker Of Star Island

Killing As A Mechanism In Video Games

  • Jamin Warren, host of PBS's Game/Show, talks about why killing is such an important function in video games.
    Killing As A Mechanism In Video Games

Deli Man

  • Erik Greenberg Anjou, Director of the documentary Deli Man, talks about the culture, appeal, and recent decline of the Jewish delicatessen.
  • Deli Man is screening this Sunday at Red River Theatres in Concord, NH, as part of the New Hampshire Jewish Film Festival.  More information here.
    Deli Man

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