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5.17.14: Looking For Answers In All The Weird Places

Taylor Quimby

Modern life is full of anxieties: Am I eating the right foods? Am I on the right career path? Am I reaching my full potential? But in America, there’s always an answer. That’s why today’s show is all about self-actualization… and the unusual places people look to find it.

Part 1: The Rise Of The Life-Coach

Genevieve Smith wanted to know more about the business of life-coaching. She was given permission to observe and write about a five-session training course on one condition – that she also participate. Plus, NHPR’s Sean Hurley discovers his “aura”.

Part 2: What's Your Sign? Astrology Makes A Comeback

While some cast a skeptical eye on astrology, a 2013 Harris poll revealed that 29% of Americans have faith in astrological readings, and that number may be rising. But why? Journalist Amanda Petrusich wrote about its growing popularity for Buzzfeed. Plus, Comedian David Cross reveals a psychic superpower you never would have thought possible.

Part 3: Turning Life Into Work - The Surprising Origin Of The "Life-Hacking" Trend

The writer Nikil Saval dug into the decidedly contemporary craze for life-hacking and discovered its early industrial roots. We found his article “The Secret History of Life-Hacking of the Cult of Self-Optimization” in Pacific Standard magazine. Plus, a “sound healer” explains something we in public radio have always known: audio can be good for your health.

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