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Word Of Mouth 08.31.13

Tom Magliery, courtesy Flickr Creative Commons

The Saturday show bring you a spectacular mix of the best of Word of Mouth. On this week's show:

  • Abolishing tips:  usually, the debate around gratuity revolves around whether to leave 15 or 20 %.... Head of the Sustainable Restaurant Project at the University of Guelph , Bruce McAdams,  is in favor of getting rid of tips altogether.
  • Balloon Brigade: the career aptitude test video game.  A new startup designs mobile games that could help match fresh grads with job opportunities. 
  • The science behind the buzz: journalist and science writer Joseph Stromberg explains caffeine addiction.
  • Pirate Joe's:  Vancouver grocer Michael Hallat buys hundreds of thousands of dollars of dry goods from Trader Joe's in the United States, then sells them at a markup over the border.  We'll hear abouthis legal battle with the popular German grocery chain.
  • NASA's super-gun:  how scientists are researching meteorite impacts using a really, really, big gun.
  • Hollywood's animal-fails:  biologist Marlene Zuk argues that movies are making egregious errors when it comes to representing our animal kingdom. 

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