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The Exchange

Next Week on the Exchange - Week of April 23rd

Next week on the Exchange, we begin with one of our favorites from the Exchange archive vault.  We bring you our "Boys Left Behind" show and ask with all this attention to the advancement of girls in schools have we forgotten about the boys? Then we look at the problem of Veterans and suicide and how and why these numbers are rising.  Also, we'll talk about American relations with Iran, the latest on Nuclear negotiations and the history that shapes this current debate.  And later, the author of a new book called “DNA-USA” offering a genetic portrait of America and research using  genes to fill in those missing branches in our family tree. We finally wrap up the week assessing the Presidential Election Process, how its changed and how we feel about those change. .  E-mail us at NHPR dot org, and Join us all next week for the Exchange each morning at 9 and again at 8 pm here on NHPR!