Senate Republicans Back Salem's Chuck Morse For President

Aug 27, 2013

Credit State of New Hampshire

Salem Republican Chuck Morse will be the next president of the state Senate.

During a closed-door caucus Tuesday, all 13 Senate Republicans backed Morse for the post, all but assuring he will get the position.

He replaces Peter Bragdon, who is stepping down as president after taking over as executive director of the Local Government Center.

Morse says he doesn’t anticipate much difference in his style of leadership.

“I’ve managed the budget now for three terms. I think everybody knows how I am. I’m very open, I think I’m very deliberate in my style and I think the Senate President Bragdon was very much the same way.”

The four-term Senator says health care and Medicaid expansion are the biggest issues facing the Senate in the coming months.

The 11 members of Senate’s Democratic minority are still scheduled to caucus on Wednesday.

The Senate will meet on Sept. 3 to formally vote for Senate president.